Worms The Revolution Collection

Out now on Xbox 360

Wahey! The Xbox 360 release has arrived - you can buy it from all good console game retailers. That's got to be worth a dash to the shops!

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Revolutionary new gameplay

Battle against your rivals with four distinct Worms classes - Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy - each with different abilities and technical knowhow.

Use the new physics objects and dynamic water to introduce a new level of tactical strategy to the action, washing away your wriggly rivals or causing objects to be blown from the blast and across the game map for multiple casualties.


Worm Love from Wriggly Reviewers!

"Great" "All told, this is a great game for a great price." IGN - 8.5/10

"Worms Revolution is as good as the franchise has ever been. It’s good old psychotic fun, and that’s all I really wanted." Destructoid - 8/10

"A winning formula can last for years. Especially with sheep." Games™ - 8/10

"a blast to play with other gamers either offline or online." 360 Gamer - 8/10

"You Have To Play This..." - "A definite must-have arcade title that will have you in stitches" This is Xbox - 9.5/10


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